What We Do

Eat for Life helps develop healthy children and adolescents with nutrition education programs

and simple tips for making healthy eating part of day to day life

  • School Programs
    Incursions for all Ages

    School Programs
    Incursions for all Ages


    Eat for Life works with kindergartens, early learning centres, primary schools and secondary schools around Melbourne to promote healthy eating in children and adolescents through knowledge building activities, class room education, and developing food preparation skills. Our nutrition incursions all involve a tactile food element to encourage trying new healthy foods. To find out more about incursions for your students click here.

  • Parent Talks
    Nutrition Promotion and Advice

    Parent Talks
    Nutrition Promotion and Advice


    Eat for Life offers a variety of talks for parents on childhood nutrition and healthy eating. These talks can be delivered in settings such as schools, community centres, hobby and sports clubs, shopping centres, and council halls. Topics include:

    – Healthy eating for toddlers  and preschoolers

    – Strategies for fussy eaters

    – Healthy lunch boxes for children

    – Healthy and sustainable food for the whole family

    – Balanced vegetarian diets for children and adolescents

  • We are a Social Enterprise
    Doing Good in the World

    We are a Social Enterprise
    Doing Good in the World

    Social Enterprise

    Eat for Life is a social enterprise. Through our work in nutrition promotion to children and adolescents we promote life-long healthy eating habits to tackle the current issues of increasing obesity rates and non-communicable diseases in Australia.









Meet Our Team
People Behind Eat for Life

We are a small, passionate, & powerful team.
Talented people who care about healthy eating for children

Lisa Minton
Founder / Lead Nutritionist

Lisa founded Eat for Life in 2012 to promote healthy eating to children and adolescents

Marie Walters
Health Promotion Officer - Nutrition

Marie started with Eat for Life in 2014 to pursue her goal of educating children and adolescents about healthy eating

Karen Moxey

Karyn started working for Eat for Life in 2014 as part of her Masters of Human Nutrition degree at Deakin University.

For Teachers
Incursions for all Ages

Fruit and Vegetables for the Senses

Preschoolers aged 3 to 5

Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy Snack Attack

Primary school children

aged 5 to 8

Healthy scenic traffic light

Healthy Me, Healthy Planet

Primary school children

aged 8 to 11

Healthy Planet Food Miles

Healthy School Lunchbox talk

For Parents with children about to start school

Healthy Lunchbox

Healthy Me, Healthy Life

Secondary students

aged 12 to 15

yHealthy Me healthy Life Fruit Kebabs

Healthy Fast Food Challenge

Secondary students

aged 14 to 17

Healthy Fast Food

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